SRV MEDIA: Young Guns Ensuring Digital Omnipresence

CIOReview Team

Digital marketing is growing rampantly in India and abroad. The current market spending in Digital advertisement is growing at a pace of 30-40 percent per annum. This growth is further bolstered by the growing number of mobile phone users in India that has been estimated to reach approximately 800 million by 2020. Government initiatives such as Digital India have created a congenial environment for this industry leading to innovation as aspiring digital marketers make their way in. Along with the advantage of reduced cost of marketing, digital marketing levels down the competition wherein small businesses have equal opportunity to compete with enterprises – all you need is a well thought out website with a rich experience. With these factors in favour, the expectations of clients across industry segments soar high. While the small and medium sector enterprises look at an ROI based approach where the expectation is to generate more business; blue chip companies, on the other hand, look at strong digital presence, especially for awareness and engagement purpose. These enterprises are looking for innovative solutions where the audience can interact on social media and give feedback on product experiences, services and more.

Bringing in a strong under- standing of the aforementioned market expectations is Pune based SRV MEDIA, a leading digital media marketing firm well equipped to provide customized solutions imbibed with innovation to both start-ups and large enterprises. The Founder of SRV Media, Vikram Kumar states, “We have a dedicated team who work on PPC campaigns with the aim of increasing business leads for SMBs. We have another team which specializes in brand communication and focuses on ideation for new product launches, services, etc. Large enterprises utilize our services to increase interaction on their digital presence. Our teams help them with new ideas and concepts to bring in value for their products and services.”

Addressing challenges through domain expertise

Despite the favorable environment for Digital Marketing, gaps have managed to crop up within the market space that acts as stumbling blocks for digital marketing vendors. Rohit Prasad, Director, SRV MEDIA enlightens, “Many clients, especially in the small and medium sector, do not understand the reliability of the services offered in digital space. We feel that this is primarily due to lack of transparency and knowledge with respect to long term gains that could be instilled for their product or services.” He further adds, “Our strategy is to imbibe technology with our services to address these challenges. At the same time we aim to innovate so that we are able to deliver value to our customers at a lower cost. At present, we have a team rich in digital experience whose domain expertise allows us to assess the problem areas quickly. This keeps us ahead of our competitors as well.”

SRV MEDIA offers a wide array of digital marketing services: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Design and Branding, Mobile Application, Website Development along with Video and Film Making. 

Pushing new entrants forward

Today e-commerce solutions have become a norm especially in the retail sector. Keeping this in view SRV provides consultancy to new entrants who want to create and retain a brand image and are looking for long term solutions. The expert team at SRV helps the client understand their positioning. Through in-depth research the team at SRV is also able to decipher the strategy their competitors are following and thus zero-in the approach the clients need to take. Vikram Kumar explains, “Our in-house development team has capabilities to build e-commerce websites, maintain them and our digital team executes the online marketing activations. When it comes to offering assistance in pricing, we always compare what their competitors are offering, factor in the place of promotion and which segment the brand is targeting.”

Ensuring visibility over web

SRV also provides elaborate services in both social media and search engine marketing domains. Equipped with an expert Google Adwords certified team they also have a strong Social Media team to give a brand visibility over Google and social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Any digital media marketing campaign at SRV starts with the present positioning of the client and is then followed with value-added services over social media and search engine platforms where the client could gain an edge over the competition. The team brainstorms over designing strategies that will allow clients to leverage more over channels so as to generate more business. Rohit Prasad boasts, “We are probably the only agency who can confidently promise a Twitter trend for a particular campaign”.

Keeping in view the immense importance that SEO gained in the recent times, SRV ensures that the SEO team keeps themselves updated with all the latest changes that are brought in the market by all search engines. Explaining the approach to SEO, Vikram Kumar says, “Whenever a new project comes in, our team assesses the website to understand the gaps with respect to on-page SEO. Once this is done, they focus their energies on the keywords that best suit the product or service. For new entrants we recommend focusing on low competition keywords so that the website could get early relevant traffic. Once this is done, we build content over quality websites that are engaging and give quality back links. SEO is a continuous process and we at SRV, not only help in bringing the client to the first page on Google but also ensure and maintain keyword rankings at the position.”

Enabling dexterity over web and mobile space

The market has reached a point where websites and mobile applications are quintessential to the success of businesses. Websites and mobile applications are increasingly becoming the chief identifier of businesses. Catering to these burgeoning needs of businesses the team at SRV is equipped with technological expertise to build quality websites. The team at SRV holds command over all major web languages like PHP, Javascript, HTML etc. It has till date built over 60 websites in various domains. SRV MEDIA proficiently develops mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms with many already developed for SMBs at a cost which is competitive yet offers quality. 

Gearing up for the future

SRV MEDIA is a bootstrap organization which has grown from a few to the present strength of 60 employees. It is fully capable to cater to all the digital media marketing needs any business could want. Along with the aforementioned services, SRV offers design & branding as well as film & video making services. Innovation, integrity, reliability and passion are what form the foundation of the firm. SRV MEDIA caters across industry verticals and boasts of a clientele from the domains of education, e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare and more. At every step of the solution the team at SRV makes it a point to notify the clients of the progress in the project. Envisioning the future, Vikram Kumar and Rohit Prasad unanimously conclude, “With a diverse background and growing culture, we see ourselves as a strong Digital Media Marketing firm working with the best brands in the world. With the focus on innovation we are working on a few technological assets which we hope to will enable SRV Media to emerge stronger in terms of technology while adding value over digital media platforms to our clients at a low cost with higher returns.”

Customer Centricity:

A factor that differentiates SRV MEDIA from the rest is their customer centric approach. The leadership team at SRV believes in working as partners rather than as vendors. This association kicks starts with the team zero-in the problem areas and figuring out the best possible solutions to resolve and fill the gaps. The different teams within the organization are equipped to handle all digital challenges. Vikram Kumar explains that each team has a team lead that works on building relationships with clients and also looks at varied aspects involved in the business. SRV believes in partnering with the clients for a long term relationships. SRV aims to achieve this idea with the generation of more revenue. Rohit Prasad adds, “Our approach is a two-way process. Our long term association has helped clients reap benefits and at the same time, this association has also enabled us to develop domain expertise as well as diversify business. Clients turn to us for most of their digital needs as it reduces their overhead costs. Most clients prefer to depend on only one service provider for most of their digital needs and we are proud that we are able to position ourselves as a one stop solution provider to all digital marketing needs.”