20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Technology Solution Providers - 2018

20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Technology Solution Providers - 2018

In today’s day and age, technology will continue to disrupt digital marketing. The success of marketing is measured by the ability to connect with the customer at the right place and at the right time. It has significant potential to completely transform the way businesses reach out to their target audience, efficiently engage them and influence customer retention and acquisition. Businesses that do not employ a customer-centric approach do so at the risk of perishing. Organizations are gradually implementing digital marketing solutions in order to avail valuable insights to analyze the marketing campaigns and plan the marketing strategies accordingly. Adopting these solutions offers a gamut of advantages such as lead generation, improved conversion rates, ability to build brand reputation and earn better revenue with higher growth expectancy at an economical cost. While there may be a permeation of vendors in this domain,  most solution providers lack the technology skill and ability to deliver the right solution while addressing the key marketing challenges such as the explosion of data, an escalation in the use of social media, and shifting consumer demographics. Businesses are on the lookout for vendors that possess a holistic business perspective, the skills and apt solutions to match their unique requirements.

Understanding the dilemma encountered by most businesses, CIOReview assists with a comprehensive list of “20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Technology Solution Providers”. In essence, the inventory contains vendors that boast of the right amount of technology skill, business acumen, and innovative solutions. A renowned board encompassing the CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and the CIOReview editorial team has meticulously chosen the vendors to be featured in this list.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Technology Solution Providers - 2018.

Top Digital Marketing Technology Solution Providers

Company Name Company Description
Adchakra Provider of cross channel digital marketing solution
AdmyBrand Provider of digital ATL solution for brands and media owners.
Affle Provider of a Mobile Audience as a Service (MAAS) platform for marketers and publishers.
Bidsopt Provider of programmatic advertising technology platform with monetization and advertising solution for global audiences.
Djax Adserver Technology Solutions Provider of solutions that help internet Publishers, Advertisers, Ad Agencies and Ad Networks to run and report on their online advertising campaigns
Hootsuite Provider of solution for finding, scheduling, managing and reporting on social media content with ease.
IcubesPro Provider of digital marketing service with capabilities in marketing automation, email marketing, creative services, data services, and mobile marketing.
Knorex Provider of performance driven advertising products and solutions to world's leading brands and media agencies.
Nikulsan Provider of solutions for customer experience and social media analysis, and SEO services
Offergrid Provider of cross channel customer acquisition platform.
RelayMobi Provider of Digital Marketing, Monetizing and Advertising solutions
SelectMedia Provider of video, display and mobile advertising solution
Signitech Provider of digital marketing technology solutions and performance display campaigns.
SilverPush Provider of solutions to help brands and businesses plan, buy, measure and optimize TV and digital media
Sizmek Provider of buy-side advertising platform, enabling AI empowered predictive marketing campaigns.
Svg Media Provider of digital advertising technology solutions.
Vertoz Provider of advertising and monetizing solution. Get proprietary technology and advanced capabilities of top global advertisers and publishers under one roof. Executes and implements advanced...
Yoose Provider of mobile advertising and global campaigns.
YOptima Provider of Full Funnel Programmatic Marketing Solutions. Delivering Audience Targeting and Audience Insights at Scale.
Zamstars Provider of services and solutions in Marketing, Branding, and Sales.