IBC Cube: Ready-to-use Industry 4.0 Solutions that can be Customized to Fit Specific Business Needs

CIO Vendor Industry 4.0 has opened a whole world of possibilities for businesses to improve productivity, efficiency and visibility across various levels and departments. Most often, people associate the term with manufacturing,
but the benefits of IoT and mobile-based solutions can be seen across the value chain, from managing projects to logistics to retail. Most of the solutions available right now tend to be one of two types - very specific solutions that cannot be customised, forcing businesses to adjust to fit the tech and deal with many disconnected solutions or built from scratch which can take a lot of time, require significant IT resources and result in a mismatch between initial expectations and the final product.

IBC Cube offers the best of both worlds. It provides a range of ready-to-use solutions that organisations can implement very quickly and then customise to fit their specific business needs. It is SaaS-based, requires no IT personnel to implement and covers an organisation’s resource management requirements from end to end. Its offerings include a range of Ready-to-use Mobile-based Applications for Site, Vehicle, Equipment, Asset and Workforce Management and IoT Devices including Smart Cameras, Digital Displays, IoT Sensors, Tracking Devices and Tags that can all be remotely managed and monitored from an integrated dashboard with a GIS-based map view, graphical analytics, and downloadable reports.

It is built on a no-code development platform that makes it possible to customize solutions very quickly and effectively as well as integrate with other systems and run AI and ML. It
also has an all-India service network that takes care of everything from installations and maintenance to carrying out site inspections and command centre management.

“At IBC Cube, we believe that for technology to truly be valuable to an organisation, it has to be simple enough for the business leaders to be able to implement without needing a whole IT team to decode things,” says Shiv Shankar Raha, Managing Director, IBC Cube. He goes on to explain that one of the key reasons that technology initiatives fail in organisations is that it is often relegated to an IT team that possesses little to no knowledge of the minor operational issues that have a major impact on a business.

He insists that C-level involvement in technology can have an immense impact on a business as technology solutions should be an aid to roll out strategic business decisions. "Tech companies have historically benefitted from making technology seem complicated. We believe in the exact opposite. We make tech simple by reducing ambiguity and increasing flexibility," explains Shiv Shankar.

Developed to ease the digital transformation process by eliminating the complications associated with IT deployments

Over the years, IBC Cube has worked with several renowned clients across a broad range of industries. ITC, L&T, Kantar IMRB, UNICEF, Diageo, Dalmia Sugar, BSNL and Western Railways are some of its prestigious clients.

Having positively impacted this domain, the company’s focus is now on scaling up. It is currently in the process of launching its Ready-to-use Mobile and Web-based Applications on a global level through an online platform while continuing to scale up its IoT solutions in India.